Sunday, November 30, 2003

Fun Fact: Hillary Clinton was here too! why dont anyone tell us before these people come! .. however ..

Finally I found Salam, he came back two days ago. The good news that he's going to start writing "seriously" again :)
welcome back Salooma

I discovered that Jo was writing some stuff about our visit to the south and the work of Emaar;the Iraqi organization I founded some months ago .. and she discribed the car accident we had with the american truck too.

whatever .. today was such a boring day, I spent the morning and the after noon with Salam and Hamsa going in circles trying to find any road to take us to the other side of Baghdad, no one can even imagine the traffic jam in Baghdad's streets.
Yalla Salam write anything .. let's start the ping pong game :")

Friday, November 28, 2003

I FEEL BLESSED!! BUSH WAS HERE!! He just stayed for three hours, what a shame. Or was it thirteen? .... Whatever .... :) I just came back from the south. This time Tara and Jo came with me, we went to Nasryya through Hilla, Najaf, Diwanyya and Samawa, and an American truck was that near > < to kill us all. It feels strange to be stopped by smiling soldiers coming from Spain (hola hola), Holland (I don’t know what), U.S.A (hello), Italy (ciao), Poland (No Engleeeezi), and another people with strange faces (peep peep prprpr): all of them in one country!! I'm proud of my country :) When the American truck nearly crushed my car no one agreed to stop to see what happened .. I was waving to all the other trucks in the convoy but without any response, so Tara (she's from Canada) thought it's a good idea to inform the Holland check point about what happened, they where very nice and polite to the point that I was surprised! That guy wanted to cry when I told him about the accident! :) then they took pictures for the car and gave me their contact addresses .. I'll call them later to see what can they do........... (new paragraph) ...................... Tara is arrogant a bit, but I can understand why (everyone falls apart after she smiles) :) you should have been there when we were discussing stuff about god and nature and bla bla bla .. "In the west .. man use god to understand the nature. In the east .. man use the nature to understand god" :) don’t you like that? ........................ (another new paragraph) ........................ Ok .. Salam .. I will call your family today to ask about you .. this is getting serious! what happened? are you still alive or not? you were supposed to come back two weeks ago!! Where is Salam!

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr .. I am angry now .. I AM angry .. and "THEY" come and ask you "why don't you like us?" ... I will tell you why .. >>>> I was just stopped by an American check point .. they let me stand under the rain .. in the mud .. for more than 15 minutes .. a soldier pushed me in a very strong way that I nearly fell down, and the other was investigating me: Why do you have a camera in your car? haaa? !!!!!! What the hell !!! I mean !! duh ?? I have a camera? why not? then came the other americano with a smile asking me: do you film porn? !!! I heard that but I asked him: what sir? and he replied: PORN pee ooo are enn ,, ha ha ha .. (is that funny?) .. Soldiers stopping people in the EID (these are the Muslims' festival days) asking them whether they film porn and pushing them in mud .. I DON'T LIKE "THEM" .. Soldiers are not the best representatives of any culture .. Grrrh ///////////// (new paragraph) SALAAAAM?! where the peep are you? I'll change the title to WHERE IS SALAM.. call me for god's sake .. stronso

Sunday, November 23, 2003

G. came yesterday to my place, with two red wine bottles, Jo was there too. We were discussing the same issue "why don't me and G. have a direct relation?" .. when you are not here we never see each other! ,, we are ""friends in law"" :) where are you now? when are you coming back? yalla .. come to enjoy having electricity for three hours a day. Yes >> THREE<< warm nice hours. 6ayyeb in the summer time "THEY" said we'll have electricity 24 hours a day after the "peak time of summer" ! Zeen what the hell is the new excuse? I'm sure it's because of the peak time of winter .. blah ,,

Friday, November 21, 2003

i hate english.. i hate writing in english.. whatever.. salam you cannot imagine the scene at AnNasryya, i mean .. It's not just about the italians' building .. It's about the entire neighborhood! Houses in the circle of 1000 meter are living without windows, without doors, and with cracks in their walls. The explosion was so huge that it blow off the doors and fences and trees of all the neighbours .. do u like more details? ok :) two people crossed the bridge with that very old water tanker (made in 1950s), and the man "with beard" sitting on the left went out from the window and started shooting on the italian guards and killed them, and the car went directly into the main door of the building killing everyone in the street and most of the italians, italian soldiers heads were found hundreds of meters away from he explosion! brrrrooohhh .. and some iraqi's were burned in their cars in the middle of the street. The "funny" thing that looting started five minutes later, all the machine guns and pistols disappeared in minutes and you can get a cool italiano pistol for $250 now in the gun markets of Nasryya. Abbas (u know him, the restaurant owner..) saw some people steeling a ring from the finger of a dead italian body with no head! brrrrroooohhh .. and looting contenued the next days for the rest of the furnature and air conditioning units ,, the strange thing that everyone at Nasryya was expecting the attack two days before it happens! EVERYONE! policemen and people from the political parties (controlling the city) were going aroung the steets searching for THE bommbed car, thats why when the explosion happened people started demonstrating against the police and parties accusing them of not doing the right job "you just spend our money on stupid meetings and check pionts" .. mmm .. that's it i believe. (how can i start a new paragraph here?) .. (ok .. conceder this as new paragraph) .. I want shoes (like the black ones with hole in the bottom u used to have) and another couple of horny shirts .. mmm .. I broke up with Simona .. mmm .. I bought a new Mercedes car (ML 430) .. Mmmm .. call me .. bye

Thursday, November 20, 2003

G in Baghdad wouldn't write on his blog but he just sent me a wickedly funny email, sorry G this is what happens when you have blogger friends. Here is what he wrote:
tell your friends in London that G in Baghdad would have appreciated them much more if they had demonstrated against the atrocities of saddam.
And if you could ask them when will be the next demonstration to support the people of north Korea, the democratic republic of Congo and Iran?
yup, that's him alright. G so full of surprises.
back to baghdad on monday, G you better have beer in your fridge.

Sunday, November 16, 2003

so raed still remembers his password to this blog

Raed would you please write in english, they don't have any arabic OS 'puters here in london. I can't read what you are saying.
you would not believe what happened to me, my wallet got stolen. I am so happy i don't have any credit cards, don't ask where and how, let us just say allah was trying to tell me something and I wasn't listening.

Bush will be in London on tuesday and there will be a huge demo. the anti-war gang changed their signs from stop war to stop bush which i find funny. really need suggestions for my banner, at the moment i am considering dressing up as one of the spice girls and singing "who do you think you are?" while waving a pink feather boa, that would attract some attention i guess.
do you have G's new number, please text it to me and keep your fucking phone on.
so do you want another "horny devil" t-shirt? and tell me about nassiriyah, did any of the guys talk to you about what happened.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

1)ÊÚÇÑßÊ æíå ÓíãæäÇ. 2)áíÔ ãÇ ÑÌÚÊ ÎÇÈÑÊäí Çáíæã¿ 3) ÇÍÊãÇá ÃÑÊÈ ÓÝÑÊí áÚãÇä æíÇ ÌíÊß .. 5)6)7)Íáæ áæ áÿ

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

åáæ ÓáæãÇÇ íÇááå ÊÚÇá ßÇÝí ÏíÇÍå íãßä ÑÇÍ äÓÇÝÑ áÚãÇä Âäí æÓíãæäÇ íæã 15 æ 16 ÎÇÈÑäí

Thursday, November 06, 2003

Hi, this is the Baghdad Blogger.
Glad to be talking to you.

Wednesday, November 05, 2003